Closing connection in finally block


Is it a recommend practice to close db connection in finally block?

Here's my code.

public class ChargeService {

      private Connection conn = null;
      private PreparedStatement statement = null;
      private ResultSet rs = null;
      private String sqlStr = "";

      public boolean isCreditEnough(int groupId, String phoneNumber) {

            boolean isEnough = false;
            int creditBalance = 0;
            int creditToCharge = 0;

            try {
                  conn = DriverManager.getConnection(DbConfig.dbUrl);

                  sqlStr = "SELECT totalCredit, credit" + " FROM"
                              + " chat_users, chat_credits" + " WHERE" + " groupId="
                              + groupId + " AND" + " phoneNumber='" + phoneNumber + "'";
                  statement = conn.prepareStatement(sqlStr);
                  rs = statement.executeQuery();

                  while ( {
                        creditBalance = rs.getInt("totalCredit");
                        creditToCharge = rs.getInt("credit");

                  if (creditBalance - creditToCharge >= 0) {
                        isEnough = true;

                  } else {
                        isEnough = false;


            } catch (SQLException e) {
                  throw new ChatException(getClass().toString(), e);

            } finally {


            return isEnough;


BTW, i use DBUtils from Jakarta Common project. So, my problem is,

-I'm got problems with closing my db connections, based on my connection threads i see in my mysqladmin it keeps getting more and more.

My question is,
-Is this a problem of DbUtils.closeQuietly(conn) not executing or my code problem?
-what is the recommend approach to close connection?


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I'll use this code instead:

      Connection conn=null;
}catch(SQLException SQLE){
      throw new Exception(SQLE.getMessage());
      }catch(SQLException SQLE){}

The same try/catch for a ResultSet or a CallableStatement/PreparedStatement
I think you should explicitly call the Dispose method of the connection object to close unmanaged resources. Don't know about these Jakarta utils, but check if they call the Dispose method.

The code that I posted is working and answers the question. What type of recomendation do you need?
Help me to understand please.

Closing a connection is not enough to clear unmanaged resources. These are later handled by the GC. The dispose method of the connection object is required to free resource immediately. I feel I deserve at least some points.

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I agree abdullah
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