how to make these 2 dropdownlist

I have two dropdownlists:
- The first Gets the manufacturers onload
-The second gets the models from the selected value of the first

when i choose 1 from the first ddl, the second ddl will get values without postback

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surajgupthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you dont want a post back. You will need to store the values that are to be displayed in the javascript.

In the link provided by you they store all the phones and their types in a javascript array. When a phone is clicked, the array is checked for matches and the second drop down is populated.

Hope this helps you.
ducleeAuthor Commented:
i think so, but is there anyway else?
If you wait for ASP.Net 2 then you can make use of postbacks through XML, which does not refresh the entire page. Instead it only refreshes the data.

 You either have to go back to server to get the data into the second drop down. Or you have to store all the data for the second data into a javascript array to do the manipulation. There is no other way. Choose one and let us know
ducleeAuthor Commented:
i use javascript, and its ok now, thanks all
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