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Remoting Deserialization Error

Hi im trying to develop a distributed application, im using .net remoting. I have a service class (derived from MarshalbyRef) from wich i call a method named Update wich takes as a parameter a Serialized class. The problem is that im getting the following error:

Type System.DelegateSerializationHolder and the types derived from it (such as System.DelegateSerializationHolder) are not permitted to be deserialized at this security level.
And VS directs me to some code access security help files.

Any ideas?

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1 Solution
Set the BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider object TypeFilterLevel property to have access.
Sorry..I'm not a good typer.

Set the BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider object TypeFilterLevel property to have Full access.
razzielAuthor Commented:
Yup i did that and it worked. thanks
But i shouldnt requiere Full access for what im doing. Now my app is exposed to the security threats asociated with having Full TypeFilterLevel. :(

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