Problem with partition table

I have 2 hard disks and 3 operating systems on my pc
1st hard disk partition c & E having win 98
2nd hard disk partitions D F G   having win2k + 3 other partitions havinr redhat linux

Seems I made a mistake as I disconnected hard disk number2 the connected another hdd that i have to  do some formatting and resizing
then reconnected HDD no. 2 tried to boot to win2k  said it can't find ntoskernell in its directory
so I booted to win98 and while launching  partition magic I found a message that
disk 2 has been created with different geometry and this could lead to data loss  backup the data  del partitions create them again....etc  and I think this why it is not booting .
I can access partitions on disc 2  from windows and as well from linux
any suggestions
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Looks like the geometry of the hard disk #2 still reflects that of the modified (resized/formatted) drive, this sometimes happens if you forget or fail to re-detect the drives properly after replacing them.
In your BIOS, in section typically called "STANDARD CMOS SETUP" check settings for #2 hard disk.
Typically, you try the following things, in the following order:
1. Set the disk mode to AUTO (Fully automatic recognition), any modern BIOS is capable of that, reboot, check results. The procedure may vary a bit across BIOSes.
2. If that files, in the same BIOS settings, forcibly specify an LBA mode for that disk (you typically have options like AUTO, CHS, LBA, LARGE), reboot, check results.
3. If the above also fails, try LARGE mode. I generally do not suggest trying CHS unless the disk is very small in size.

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"2. if that files" should read "2. if that fails"
If you can access the files from the other two OS, I don't think the BIOS is the problem if you didn't change anything there when you attached the other HDD.

What you may have done is improperly attached the cables (primary / secondary) and the win.ini can't find the ntoskernell.  Check to make sure the 2. HDD is on secondary (based on your description).  Boot from the W2K CD, to the repair console, and run chkdsk d /R - this should get W2K back on track.

You said, "Seems I made a mistake as I disconnected hard disk number2 the connected another hdd that i have to  do some formatting and resizing " - did you do any resizing etc. with HDD 1 at that time?
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