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AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 running too hot?

I've noted that the "idle" processor temperature of my AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 (not overclocked) is about 52 degrees C; when the processor is loaded (gaming, etc) the temperature rises to 60 degrees C. I've got the heatsink and fan that came with the processor.

Question: Is the processor running too hot?

If so, what can be done to cool it down? I've thought of removing the heatsink, cleaning the two surfaces and remounting with new thermal paste (I believe the AMD provided heatsink comes with an "adhesive thermal pad". I could also install the second fan for the system box. Any recommendations?

TIA. John


ASUS SK8V, AMD Athlon 64 FX-53, 1 GB ECC, 1 80GB H/D, 2 CD/DVD RW, Antec Black Sonata case, 380 W power supply with single rear cooling fan.
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1 Solution
Your temperature is high but not critical.
I would suggest that you re-apply thermal paste and maybe even invest in an additional cooling solution from either http://www.coolermaster.com or http://www.zahlman.com
Hope this helps,
AMD list the maximum temperature as 70c ,  so your safe for now

Is your bios set to Auto Overclock ?    If so , and it gets any closer to 70c, then I would change to manual overclocking and try different settings until you are happy with the temperature. I don't beleive the re-mounting with thermal paste will make much difference as the AMD provided heatsink that came with your CPU is more than adequate.

If you disable overclocking and there is still a temperature problem then I'd take it back to the shop and swap it.

hope this helps


ooops ... just reread and noticed the "NOT OVERCLOCKED" comment.......sry

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