Can I find copied words from my site?

Hi folks,
Can anyone suggest to me how I could check if there are any websites out there that maybe copying sections of text from my website?

I guess taking a complete sentence and then pasting it into a popular search engine would help, but are there any other ways?
Is there any software available that can do this?

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I would think that any of the commercialy available search software would do it, but considering you would have to pay for it, set it up and test it seems not logical because in the end you will end up paying for the ability to paste into a text box and search.

The total effort seems quite extensive any considering that if someone is coping stuff form your site, yu are not going to prevent tem form doing it.  Even if you have a solid, air-tight copyright infringment case, you will have to spend a lot of money and waste 2 to 5 years of your time to stop them, and all they have to do to continue is start a new site hosted in a country that does not recognize your copyright.

When you put something on the internet you basically just give it to all who want it to use anyway they want... that is what the medium to for.

I agree with Cd.  However, if you wish to persist:

Here's an article on this topic that mentions some products that might be what you're looking for:  See also  It appears that most of these are geared towards educational institutions (ie. to check student papers to see if they've plagiarized from the internet) but you could submit your own content.

Here's what you can do about it: &
I have found a way that proves to be most effective (when trying to make sure articles posted in forums are  really writen by that user)

Simply do a google search on a section of the paragraph that you would think is most unique, and make sure that its in quotes. The quotes mean to search for that EXACT sequence of words, that way you get way fewer flase positives :)


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Google is so powerful it should be the only thing you need, however I would not just use the "term+term" search method, I would just paste in sentences at a time, this way you will spot not only straight copy pastes, but also plagiarized works very close to your content. People can be very devious, but as the author you will still be able to spot this a mile off.
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