I want to open a cash drawer connect to an Epson TM-T88 printer from VB in MS Access.

I have written a neat little POS routine for a specialist retail outlet and now want to open a till drawer. I am using Access 2002, XP Pro - the printer is connected to a USB Port (set up by the Epson driver) and the till drawer is connected to the printer. I have installed a Windows driver (for fancy receipts) and a plain text-only driver.
Any thoughts?
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Try this sub:

Private Sub PopCashDrawer()
   Open "lpt1" For Output As #1
   ' CMD:  <BEL>
   Print #1, Chr$(7)
   Close #1
End Sub
johnsmortonAuthor Commented:
I've tried something similar - but the receipt printer is attached to a USB Port so opening LPT1 doesn't work - how do I open a USB Port?
See http://www.posworld.com/eprecprinvis.html

Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
   'A: Open drawer 1 at 50ms.
   'B: Open drawer 1 at 100ms.
   'C: Open drawer 1 at 150ms.
   'D: Open drawer 1 at 200ms.
   'E: Open drawer 1 at 250ms.
   'a: Open drawer 2 at 50ms.
   'b: Open drawer 2 at 100ms.
   'c: Open drawer 2 at 150ms.
   'd: Open drawer 2 at 200ms.
   'e: Open drawer 2 at 250ms.
   OpenCashDrawer "Epson TM-T88", "A"
End Sub

Public Sub OpenCashDrawer(ByVal sDeviceName As String, ByVal sSpecialChar As String)
   Dim prnPrinter       As Printer

   For Each prnPrinter In Printers
      Debug.Print Printer.DeviceName
      If prnPrinter.DeviceName = sDeviceName Then
         Set Printer = prnPrinter
         Printer.FontSize = 10 'Set up the control font.
         Printer.FontName = "control"
         Printer.Print sSpecialChar  'Use special-function character to open the cash drawer.
         Exit For
      End If

End Sub

johnsmortonAuthor Commented:
I know this should work - but I get a compile error "Method or Data Member Not Found" at the Fontname command (and the fontsize). This is really strange as both commands are listed in the VB Help pages! If I type in Printer and dot - an idiot list pops up which does not include fontname and fontsize - it is things like colour and paper bin?
Try running this from Vb6 instead of Access2000. All the Printer.Font properties appear here (Name, Size, Bold, etc.) and I get no compile errors. Im using XP-SP1, VB6-SP5.

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