Virtual hosting while Apache and IIS5.0 having on PC


I have IIS 5.0 (port 80) and Apache 2.0.50 (port 3080) on the same PC. When I want to set virtual host on Apache I must respect the port, therefore I always call URL there as Which I do not like.

>>  Is there any option I can run virtual host on my Apache (3080) and be able to type only <<

(I do not wish to have Apache on port 80 since I have virtual hosts on IIS port 80 and would create opposite problem like that, as well as I would like to avoid forwarding from IIS to Apache.)

Maybe what I ask is impossible....
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1. What you can is add a Second ip address to your server give that to your apache.

2. you could creat a vitual host on IIS and that page could auto send you to your apache Virual server  

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jbmdAuthor Commented:
as to 1.

The problem is that IIS5.0 primarily takes "all" unassigned IP - I would have to strictly define binding to one IP with all vhosts on IIS. Otherwise Apache does not restart listening to 80. Then the options are: localhost, internal IP and public IP .?.?

as to 2.

I did not want forwarder.
I know one other way to do it

Would be to use Windows virtual server.

It work great  but its lot work to do, but easy to do
jbmdAuthor Commented:
Actually I would like to go on with Apache - it is my first step how to become Microsoft independent. I like MS products but I like free products like Apache, Mysql and php. I do not have IIS 6.0 so I guess I cannot use Windows virtual server. I think the IP address is the best solution, just have to define only one IP on IIS 5.0.
Thank you.
The Windows virtual server.

It works link virtual hardware - you can  run windows , linux, netware on the same box and any other 86 os .
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