5 Clients, 1 server...have some questions.

Ok setting up a small network, 5 clients, 1 server.
I am very familiar with Windows Server 2003, that will be what I am using.
The server will be mainly used as a file server, housing excel spreadsheets and maybe a small application.
It will also run Exchange Server 2003.
All the hardware will be bought from Dell.

Questions 1:
Will a celeron processor with like 1 gb of ram run that well?  Or will using the P4 really increase performance? Can you give me some minimum specs for a server that does what I stated above well?

Question 2: Sadly, I don't mess with exchange that much... how hard is it to set up for a small network like that.  (FYI, we are upgrading from an older network with exchange so I have all the numbers etc.)  Any Tips?
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Small tip regarding Exchange 2003 vs 1 GB of RAM

We have a 20 Mail accounts on our Exchange and although its not 5 clients as in your case, 1 GB seems not enough. When exchange is up - it takes 1 GB like nothing...

In our network, only after adding additional 1GB  we were able to work ok with Win2k3 and Exchange.
If you use your server for simple file sharing, then there is no problem regarding your celeron or 1 Gb of RAM.
There will be no problems with exchange also... that is if you will use only five clients.
I had that configuration in my firm and it worked fine (no problems with memory usage)
It is recommended to "tweak" your server settings a bit... Like disabeling indexing service, fixed size of swap file...
If you will be expanding youre clients, than you should think abaut getting more RAM.

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