Delete / Restore an included .cfm file

This has happened twice now.

1. I deleted a .cfm file that was included in a page.
2.  When I refreshed the page, I got the expected error message: File not found.
3. I restored the included .cfm file.
4. The page still couldn't find it.
5. Nothing I could do could ressucitate the broken page.  It never could find the newly restored file.

I finally just had to make a copy of the included .cfm file and change the page to point to the copy.

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Maybe something to do with file caching or file rights. Caching does that sometimes. I always do this when wondering about caching.

index.cfm <-- your original page

index.cfm?a=new <-- with even a slight change in the url the page wont pull the cached page.

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>>> Maybe something to do with file caching or file rights. Caching does that sometimes. I always do this when wondering about caching.
How do I fix it?
Ans: I change one of the word in the page which makes it different file and then after I save it again.
the changed word does not have to be word.. have some extra space and save it... it will work.
First line of this comment.
Check ur CLASS files ... its generally a copy there ... that creates the issue :)
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psennAuthor Commented:
I've been too busy to verify these suggestions.
But I haven't forgotten about you guys!
Thanks for being here.
good. Well, let us know if any of our answer helped you.
psennAuthor Commented:
Oh right, hang on.....
psennAuthor Commented:
I'm the one who's abandoned it.
I'll see if I can verify which answer is correct within the week.
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