Outlook Express cache?

I have an employee that I had to fire recently because I suspected him of downloading "hacked" software from usenet sites- in addition to a number of other things.  

Now, he is threatening me with legal action and is saying that I fired him for other reasons.

I am not asking for legal advice here...don't worry.

I would, however, like to respond to his threats with some sort of evidence.  He simply unsubscribed to all of his usenet accounts.

There must be some kind of cache or history for Outlook Express???  I would like to view the contents of that cache as a rebuttal to these threats.  I know he was using Outlook for illegal purposes, but I have no proof.
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Hi mcgeorge40,

What are you trying to find like what are the email accounts he had and what are the incoming and outgoing mail server info etc.
mostly if you remove from OE and close OE , it would get erased in the registry and there would be no way of finding info..

give us more info of what exactly you are trying to find .

Do you have a proxy server? Proxy Servers can keep all outgoing / incomming internet traffic looged. That way you could back-track all activity. There is software around with which you can make these logfiles readable by man, meaning you see who visited which sites, etc.
Hate to say it but I hope this is a lesson learned, never terminate anyones employment unless you have some type of documentation to back up your actions. Many pissed off ex employees have gained greatly in lawsuits, wrongful dismissal cases etc... though they were legitamately terminated the proper documentation was not present  and they won thier cases. Sorry I can't help .
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Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantCommented:
The OE stuff is stored in "Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data" and then I can't remember if it's Identities or Microsoft you want to look in next.

Basically, look in there and you'll find the index files as well as other stuff for OE.  You should be able to examine these files and see where he's been on the UseNet.  If he did a cleanup before leaving, then check for cleanup.log and you can see what newsgroups he deleted before cleaning them up.

Hope this helps.  If it's not under "Documents and Settings" then it'll be under \windows\application data.  You want to find the applicable "Application Data" directory and look under "Identities"  (I'm pretty sure).  Then, they'll be a large GUID number named directory and look under that.


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mcgeorge40Author Commented:
Woodendude-- Actually, just for the record, in Arizona (and many other states), I can fire someone for any reason I want, other then racial, sexual, religious type discrimination.  I can simply say that there was no more work available and we are making cut-backs.  However, in this particular case, I practically caught the person red-handed.  The only reason I am choosing to acknowledge his silly complaint is because I want make an example of this problem employee.
mcgeorge40Author Commented:
Thanks Dan- that is what I was looking for.
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