Emergency! Windows 2000 Server not booting - Load needed DLL's for kernel

When I boot up our companies Windows 2000 Advanced server, I get the following message.


This server runs active directory for our exchange server.

Windows 2000 could not start due to an error in the software
Please report this problem as :
Load Needed DLL's for kernal

Please contact your support person to report this problem.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Chris B.
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The message indicates that some system files are either missing or corrupt. There might be a lot of reasons for this situation; however disk failure would be the first thing to expect. (Unless you or someone else with admin access have actually deleted dll-files?) Virus or backdoor programs might also be considered.

Did you recently change anything in the configuration, installed new devices and/or programs, patches etc? Knowing more about what has happened recently would help to understand why the file(s) are missing/corrupt.

I would first try to fix the problem you see, then I would move on to finding and solving the basic problem that has led to this situation. To fix, you will need to boot from the installation CD. First you can try a repair, but I doubt that will help you. If not, do a new install. This will actually be done as an upgrade/repair so that your data and configs will not be deleted. Sometimes, after the install procedure does the disk checking, it will reboot. In this case you will have to start intall again.

Remember that after a reinstallation as mentined, your O/S is back to the versions from the installation CD. You will immediately have to patch it up to current level. If, for some reason, it is directly connected to the Internet you probably catch a million viruses before being able to install the necessary security patches, so be sure you are behind a working firewall or NAT-router.

Regards from Norway,
Leif H.


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cbarone2004Author Commented:
I tried booting from a windows 2000 cd, didnt have advanced server, regardless it does not recognize the hard drive. Whether I try to do a Repair or Install it cant find the drive.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Chris B.
Either your disk or controller is total dead, or the controller is not supported with the builtin drivers so you will have to load them separately (F6 soon after the CD boots, if I my memory serves me right).

Check the status of your disk(s) with a suitable tool before continuing.

Anyhow - you should definitely not try to repair with anything else than the original install CD, this may lead to other problems!
cbarone2004Author Commented:
Looking for the Dell 2450 Diagnostics now.


Chris B.
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