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I am having a problem with some flash tweening for a rollover event.
I am using actionscript, so that when you hover over frame 1, it plays frame 2 and stops at 15. For this I am using a tint so it tweens from grey to orange.
I have checked the actionscript, which works fine, but when I play my movie, and hover over my button, as the tween happens, the button jumps up ever so slightly, probably about 1 pixel during the tween, and drops again on the fnal frame, frame 15.
I removed the tween to check my aligning was ok, and it is, all frame 1,2 and 15 are perfectly aligned.
I want to know what to do to stop the button doing this.

Thanks... Ash.
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Hello ashvbasic,
        Try to check the x and y coordinates of the button in the keyframes, sometimes they can be off by just a pixel. If this isn't the case, then chances are that the change of color is giving the illusion that it's moving (it happens when you use certain colors and if the shape of the button is just right).

ashvbasicAuthor Commented:
I have checked the x and y co-ordinates, they are all identical, the problem is definately with the tween because when i remove it the aligning remains constant. The chnage of color is not it either, I have zoomed into the flash, and it definately jumps, and it also blurs slightly.
Hi Ashvbasic,
May be you can check the On State of your button i..e the 4 states in your button.
Cheers :)

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ashvbasicAuthor Commented:
Ahh great thanks... it is that, even though the x and y are the same, i can see the blur and slight movement there.
Great :)
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