Reset forgotten Toshiba 440cdt bios password

Not knowing how to reply to posted answers to my problem I must post a new message!

On 11/10/2004 12:55PM PST I asked:

Can anyone please tell me how to clear a forgotten Toshiba Satellite Pro 440cdt bios password?

I put this unit into storage years ago when I got a (then new) Tecra 8000 and, now that I have rediscovered the 440, I'd like to give it away working (to my mom, probably).

I remember something from the old days about Toshiba's using a parallel port loopback plug to accomplish this. I attached one and booted but without success.

Thx much

Answer #1 from andymsmith18 11/10/2004 03:46PM PST

<...list of common default BIOS P/Ws snipped...>

The ... way to bypass the Power On BIOS password of a Toshiba Notebook... works on all models.

This is what you need:

1. Your notebook
2. An empty formatted diskette (720 kb or 1,44 mb)
3. A second computer (e.g. a DOS desktop PC)
4. A hex-editor (e.g. Norton DiskEdit or HexWorks)

This is what you have to do:

1. Start the desktop PC and start the hex-editor
2. Put the disk in drive A:
3. Change the first five bytes of sector 2 (boot sector is sector 1) to: 4B 45 59 00 00
4. Save it! Now you have a KEYDISK
5. Remove the disk from drive A:
6. Put the disk in the notebook drive
7. Start the notebook in Boot Mode (push the reset button)
8. Press Enter when asked for Password:
9. You will be asked to Set Password again. Press Y and Enter.
10. You now see the BIOS configuration where you can set a new password.

Then, waffleironhead added on 11/11/2004 06:48PM PST

... you need the keydisk as stated above, and the parralel key. they work in tandem to unlock the bios boot passward, you can sometimes find the parralel key on ebay, other than that you can find an authorised toshiba repair center to unlock it for you


I tried the above without success!

Powered up the PC w/ the KEY diskette (BTW, 4B 45 59 HEX = KEY) in the boot floppy drive and the parallel loopback plug attached to the printer port; pressed the reset button and ENTER at prompt but no help.

(Very sad, me.)

Anyone else?
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You need a parallel port dongle to reset the password on this model of notebook. Here are some plans on how to make one: (question 23, ignore the fact that it specifies 'Libretto' models.. it'll work on your 440CDT as well)

I did this by by breaking apart a parallel cable and twisting the wires together. It was a real hack job but it worked. If you'd rather not get your hands dirty, so to speak, here is a site that sells the dongle. There is no other way to do it. (I had the same problem a couple years ago)

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I'm sorry, I missed that you had already been advised about the parallel cable. This is definitely the only way to do it. I went through much hassle to get that password recovered. When I attached the cable, the system immediately bypassed the password. There was no need for a floppy disk. Are you sure you got your cable from a reputable source and/or verified your pinouts?
I've got Toshiba Satellite Pro 440CDT. Paralel plug works with mine computer, so should with yours.
Probably you have wrong paralel plug.
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