Force network traffic from modem through network card?


I am a beginner at networking.

I have some packet sniffing software that I need to use. I use I dial up connection.

Apparently the software will work over a dial up connection but the network card must be connected to the modem. I do not really know what this means but I am presuming it means you can route the network traffic from your modem through the network card.

I have tried setting up a route in the route table using the dos route command but I didn't get very far.

Please can you help me.
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No, you don't need to do that.

In case your sniffer is capable to listen to a dial up - it will be able to catch packets from the modem's driver directly.

Usually sniffers install their drivers as a middleware drivers between the networking device and the OS, so its able to catch all packets. You just need to choose the modem as an interface to listen on.


On the other hand what you probably meaning by routing the traffic from modem to the network card is like making the modem connection shared with another computer. In that case all packets that would be forwarded to another computer from modem via the network card - will be caught in the sniffer.

ivandpAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your answer. My modem is not listed as an interface on the software. The only things there are my network card and my firewire card.

I have been to the web site for the software (Ehtersnoop) and it definitely says it can use a dial up connection.

Any ideas?
ivandpAuthor Commented:
Me again

I have just read that WinPcap cannot capture dial up traffic in xp/2000.

Could this be the problem?
that could very well be it

try this one and see if it works, even though its a trial - just download it and see if it works - it works for 2000/xp
So thats your problem, the sniffer doesn't support modems.

Dial up is not always analog modem, e.g. ADSL dialup is on the network interface.

It all depands on driver of the interface. Many sniffers supply support for modem as an addon for additional charge. So try these:

This one supports dial up networking.


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