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I work at an institute where we are paid hourly based on minutes.  If I word 6 hours and 15 minutes then I will annotate 6.25 on my time card.  My co-workers come confused when their work hours has to be annotated when their time cannot be calculated on an quarter-hour basis.  I'm looking for someone to create an function to calculate work-hour minutes. In simplicity, calculate total hours worked and calculate minutes from 0-99.

Please contact me for clarity.
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Sure, if you have access to the crontab on the server, you could do it just by scheduling a tar command with the arguments of the directories you want to add.

For instance, if you want to tar up /home/httpd and /usr/local/db you'd add the following entry to cron:

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/tar -cvf /home/your-user/backup.tar /usr/local/db /home/httpd

The 0 0 means run at the 0th minute of the 0th hour (so 12 midnight) and the '*'s mean every day, month, and day of the week.

The command is '/usr/bin/tar'
The '-c' option means 'create an archive'
The '-v' option means 'verbose output'
The '-f' option means 'create in the following file' (In this case /home/your-user/backup.tar)
The rest of the entries are directories you want to back up.

Tar will back up the directories recursively and maintain both path and permissions information.
Ack, sorry, that was meant for another question. My bad.
Is this what your are looking for?

Function GetHours(Hours as Integer, Minutes as Integer) as Double
    GetHours = (Hours + (Minutes/60)
End Function


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I do not want to intrude, thought that a java solution was required.

int getMinutes(int minutes)
   return (int) ( ((float)minutes/60)*100 );

Want to point out that minutes need to be converted to float before dividing by 60 so that the decimal part is not trimmed due to integer division. Multiplying it by 100 and casting to integer to get a number between 0 and 99.
Guys, ignore my previous comment. Thx.
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