Exchange 2k3\SBS 2k3 mailbox full NDR problems

This is an intermitten problem. Sometimes when outside users send mail to our server, they get a NDR that says the users' mailbox is full. There are no mailbox limits set on the storage group or on the individual user accounts. This is an Small Business 2003 Server.

I turned logging to maximum, but I am only getting event id's 2007, 1039 and 1033.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If they get this message, you either have set receiving limits, or the users have some sort of send through rule and there is a mailvox send limit, else this message should not be generated..

You could try to do a check on the Store by using the Isisnteg and ESEUTIL utilities, maybe there are some errors on the database that cause this behaviour...

If you aks the users to resend the message, do they get the same error or does it work then??

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LAzuberiAuthor Commented:
Strangely there are no receiving limits set on the store or individual user. I ran the ESEUTIL and followed up with the ISInteg last week, but there is no difference.

One of the outside users tried to send an email several times with no success and then was able to get a message through without an NDR saying the mailbox was full.

I have spent close to 22 hours in total on the phone with Microsoft without a resolution and still going at it.

This is Enterprise version of Exchange 2003.
Are you sure this is your problem??? Try to telnet into the port 25 from external to see if maybe your SMTP engine is faul...

>>I have spent close to 22 hours in total on the phone with Microsoft without a resolution and still going at it.<<

Normally this is a last resort i guess... If they can't help you, you might be lost... Although i have heard, in more than one occasion, that Microsoft recommends to do a reïnstall if they cannot figure it out...

LAzuberiAuthor Commented:
This didn't get fully resolved.

The work around though, was to remove the checkbox on each user that says to use the default storage limits. Apparently there is something deep inside of SBS that will not let users mailboxes go over certain size regardless of what you set if for.
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