Gpo to configure system services on XP SP2 Workstation

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I am trying to create a gpo that is applied to all hte workstations in a new 2003 domain, which will add specific global group to local admin in machine and will set the windows time service to automatically start, the restrictied groups portion of the gpo seems to work fine but I can't get any of the sevices to start, the setting do indeed change from disabled or manual to automatic but the service is not starting is it a security issue of of some kind ?
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Normally you should make sure that you specify a uses that can the service, else the service cannot be started due to permission problems (you could use a new creatd admin account for this purpose). Also, the service should be available on the machine, else it cannot be contacted...

What do you see in the event viewer of the machines that need to start service automatically?? Do you see any events that point out why the service is not starting??
Your policy is working just fine.  It has made the required changes you specified.  The service will start on next reboot, unless you use a script to go out and start the time service.

There is a tool - sc.exe that might do what you need it to.  Batch something that hits all computers in the domain.


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You need to go to the Computer policy in AD on the container that the computer accounts are contained.  In there go to the restricted Groups in there right click add add administrators as the name...

In the next screen in the top add the domain security group to the box run gpupdate /force on the workstation or wait for policy refresh on the workstations and Volia a domain security group will be added to the local administators  group of all workstations

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tobin_daxAuthor Commented:
sorry must not have made myslef clear, restricted groups is okay, I can't get the system services to start automatically.
And what about the event viewer?? DId you check it??
You said the services on the workstations are being set correctly to Automatic - correct?  If so, there is nothing wrong with your GPO.

You need to start the service once you set the startup option if it is not already started.  This must be done remotely via a script - a GPO cannot do this unless you build your own entry (and that's not all too properly documented).

The SC.EXE or NETSVC.EXE  utilities can be used to start up these services remotely.;en-us;166819

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