EMERGENCY!!!Need help with Exchange 5.5 and Active Directory

Here is my architecture

Server1: Tooltime - Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4

Runs Active Directory for the domain "EMARKETCAPITAL", this is our internal for user logins, etc..
DCHP Server

Server 2: EMCCORP - Windows 2000 Server SP4

Runs Exchange Server 5.5 SP4
This server was setup in its own domain "EMCPHX" though it connects to Active Directory on Tootltime for user accounts.

To make a long story short, Tooltime is shot and I might have to install Windows 2000 Advanced Server again and do the following:

Re-Install Active Directory in the "EMARKETCAPITAL" domain since there is no other domain controller
Re-DNS, though there is a backup, but its bind 9 on another server

My main question how can I start receiving mail again? without tooltime running, I cant authenicate to the mail server. Do I have to reconfigure Exchange 5.5 somehow?

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance.


Chris B.

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You can use the ADC (Active Directory Connection) for Exchange 5.5. This makes sure that Exchange 5.5 can use the Active Directory of Windows 2000 (or 2003 off course). Although i don't know how to set this up after the crash, because of the differing SID's.

First off all, i would try to get the mailboxes from the users exportd using Exmerge, then, strart reïnstalling the server and connect 5.5 by using the ADC..
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
If you rebuild the AD, and lose the user objects that are attached to the mailboxes, you're hosed until you reconnect all the mailboxes to the AD accounts. This means creating new trusts between the 2 domains, and then manually associating the accounts. You can use an export of the dir in 5.5, saved to a CSV file, to re-associate the mailboxes via a directory import in Exchange, once the AD is built. ADC isn't necessary. But, that won't notify the user objects in AD of the location of their mailbox, you'll have to do that yourself too.
Last, Exchange is probably still receiving email, as long as the DC for its domain is still alive. But if the service account for Exchange was in the other domain, then you'll need to have a new service account too.


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If at all possible, I'd suggest digging up another machine to temporarily build as a W2k server and promote to a DC in the domain before beginning the rebuild.  If you have integrated DNS into AD, this gets around having to rebuild Active Directory from scratch and will also maintain your DNS db.  Once you dcpromo the rebuilt machine (from the temporary), you can remove the temporary DC you've built from the domain (although I'd have trouble sleeping at night without 2 DCs in my domain.....)

One more thing - If you do add another DC, make sure you transfer the roles and make it a Global Catalog server before bringing the original server offline.  Easier to do it then to avoid using NTDSUtil later on....
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