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I'm running Apache on a Slackware box with through a D-Link router with the router IP My actual IP is When I have Apache running, and I go to, I see my page just fine. However, when someone elsewhere on the internet tries to view it, they get a timeout response. This I assume means my router is giving me the problems, as I can view the website from every computer on my home network, but noone else can. I set it up under virtual servers in the D-Link router config to allow connections to port 80, but still a no-go. Then I considered that my ISP may be doing this itself, but their terms of services seem to indicate that hosting a website is doable at your own risk. Any ideas about how I can get this working properly?
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I would ask your ISP if post 80 is open on your line, sometime the say you can but they still need to open the port for you.

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Tabris42Author Commented:
I asked my ISP, and they kind of confused me. Basically, he said port 80 -is- blocked, but there's a way around it. The ISP gives me a 10mb account www.myisp.com/~username and that I could create a webserver on port 8080 and access it through my ISP page. Any idea what he's talking about and how I would go about it? Point value increased to 500!
Tabris42Author Commented:
Oops, I fixed that problem. I don't know what the guy was talking about, by going directly through port 8080 works just great. I'll give you the points because I wouldn't have called my ISP otherwise!
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