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Installing Server 2003

I currently use Windows XP on my desktop. Is there a way I can keep XP as my client OS and also install Server 2003 so I can use MS SQL Server.
If this is possible, is there a way I can link my desktop containing the server build to a laptop.

Sorry if this is unclear!

1 Solution
to run the server on XP, you can use Virtual Server from Microsoft or VMWare.
i do not understand your 2nd question. can you explain, what you want to do?
If you have the equipment available, I would build a second system. While it is possible to run server under a virtual machine emulator as suggested, a seperate machine is a better solution. Your question indicates you are intending to use SQL server. You are not limited to a server implementation; you can install a desktop version that should suffice for most SQL needs. If you are needing the more robust features provided by the server version, then you will need the server version. I assume if you are needing the more robust setup, part of the need would be ability to connect to it reliably. WHile the Virtual path will work, it's usually used for test environments, for short durations.
I'm not knocking VMWare/VPC, or any other offering, just pointing out that setting up a server is a little more complex than a client, with higher hardware needs. The virtual offerings can only emulate the hardware required, and while it does this very well, you might not have enough resources to support both a client and a server implementation running simultaneously, and that a seperate computer for the server would be better.
Good Luck!
What do you want to do with SQL? You can install MSDE on to the machine then put the Client Tools from a SQL Server CD to manage the database. If it is just for development or something like that then MSDE will be fine.

MSDE is a free download from MS, and you have a license to use it with some editions of Office.

Get free NFR key for Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Veeam is happy to provide a free NFR license (1 year, 2 sockets) to all certified IT Pros. The license allows for the non-production use of Veeam Availability Suite v9.5 in your home lab, without any feature limitations. It works for both VMware and Hyper-V environments

majeekaAuthor Commented:

I'm about to start developing my first pocket pc application for my final year project.  
The application is going to be a stock taking (inventory) tool.
The user will have a desktop interface (pc 1) where they will perform most of the work
Also there will be a handheld (Pocket PC and scanner) device for actually performing the stock take  
I will mimic a till system by using a simple gui on another desktop (pc 2).

I hope to sort out a server later on to connect the 2 pcs but in the meantime is there anything I could do to get going?

I'll be using SQL and vb.net for development.  I will be able to get either windows server 2000 or window server 2003.

For development purposes MSDE will be fine. It acts like SQL, does the same as SQL just has restrictions on how much data you can put through it, number of connections etc. It is in effect MSSQL for desktop machines.

Yeah I believe the limit on MSDE is 4gb database, 1 processor, etc - nothing that should hurt a small project (Hell, our database here is only 1.7gb)

However MSSQL may install on XP - have you tried it? I know Oracle will install, I would imagine MSSQL would at least try :\
ANd for handhelds or laptop connections to the desktop you can use serial, usb, crossover (laptop), wireless... Etc.
No need to anything other than the developers addition.
If you have a handheld, consider using wireless, if possible. You can do some amazing things with handhelds and wireless.
I worked for a large beverage company where I live, and they had implemented wireless networking and were running thier entire warehouse operation with it; Handheld scanners attached to tablets, and all product coded. Talk about a smooth operation. THey could track a single case from the time it was built until it arrived at the store.

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