What is DAT,DLT ,DDS..

Hi Gurus
What do you mean by a
DAT DDS tape

How does this differ from DLT
Actuall I am confused with these terms like DAT ..DDS and DLT
I am unable to distinduish or relate them

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Check out this link:


As I understood from it, the difference is in the type of file and realibility.

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AIT and DLT seem to be some kind of tape media to store backups.

I know DAT from the industry I work in: Digital Audio Tape. Was used frequently some years ago in the Pro audio business to put samples etc. on, to be stored in high quality.

It's use has been less frequent the past years, since we can just as well burn it on a CD or transfer it over the internet.

Why do you need to know this? Maybe we can give you some more relevant answers then...?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
DDS, AIT, DLT, SDLT, DLT1, LTO (and several others I'm sure) are all descriptions of tapes and their capacity.  In some cases, these letters will be followed by a number, indicating the generation of the technology.

This link compares the versions of AIT to others, including DLT, SDLT, LTO, and DDS (among others). http://www.aittape.com/ait-tape-backup-comparison.html#AIT1
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DAT is, as stated by Gaud-wo, Digital Audio Tape. This actually means the technology used, since it was first developed to be used in the Audio sector. As this type of tape got used in the PC business the DDS was added to DAT, meaning Digital Data Storage. Those tapes were higher quality than those used in the audio sector. DAT tape is 4mm size and uses a similar technic as VCRs use.

DLT means Digital Linear Tape. This is a quarter inch tape. The cartridge is a lot bigger than that of DAT tapes. It is also longer lasting and usually has higher capacity than DAT. DLT Drives and tapes cost about 3 to 4 times what DAT does. Newer DAT drives can have a capacity similar to that of DLTs (DAT-DDS-5 -> 36GB native capacity, DLT 40 -> 40GB native capacity).

An improved version of DLT (SDLT) has a capacity of 160GB native. As this is a relatively new technology, it is likely that the capacity will also improve with this technology.

DAT is usually used in smaller companies to do backup jobs, as this is a relatively priceworthy option.

DLT is often used in larger environments. It is much more reliable than DAT.
Well, there two types of writing data on a tape:
1.Liniar, as in DLT, where the writing/reading head is fixed and the band moves. This gives a small capacity and it's the same as the audio tape player/recorder.
2.Rotative, like in DAT/DDS, where the writing/reading head are rotating with high speed and there is no track of data. This give a much bigger capacity than the linear one and was/is used in video player/recoder (VHS or Beta).
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My answer is good too.
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