Trying to preview dynamic framesets


I'm working on a frameset (reading other views - I get the impression framests are rubbish, but unfortunately so are my programming skills which means frames are the only solution for me at the moment) with 2 frames - 1 which displays a dynamic page taken from a database, and 2 - which lists column entries in that database and also features a recordset navagation bar, to allow the viewer to browse through the database entries - also a dynamic page.

Anyway, the problem at the moment is that with frames, I seem to be only able to preview locally, and perhaps this is the reason why my recordset navagation bar seems all messed up and is why I can't preview my recordset entries - which really means I don't know if the site is working or not.

My Question - Is there anyway to preview framesets dynamically on the server? And should my frameset and all frames within be PHP documents (I'm using a phpserver model) or can the frameset be just usual HTML - with PHP frames?



AdamTrying to learn phpAsked:
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Hi Adam,

You seem a little lost with framsets. They are as common HTML as a blank page, you should be able to preview them the same way you would preview a normal page. My guess is you are having trouble setting up the preview for your dynamic pages.

Do you want to preview directly on your server (which means uploading every time you need to preview) or do you want a local way of previewing?

>>Is there anyway to preview framesets dynamically on the server? <<
Basically if you wish to preview on the server your best shot is to upload the pages using your favorite FTP (or the Files tab of DW) and then open an IE window with the url. If you wish to preview locally you will need to set up your own personal web server, which is a bit of work but not unreasonable.

>> can the frameset be just usual HTML - with PHP frames?<<
The framset is usual HTML with PHP pages that are loaded as your frames.

Is this helping you?

Best regards,


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AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented:

Hi Esopo,

Thanks for the response.

I seem to be a little lost, not only with framesets, but computers in general I think. Until now I had managed to create dynamic pages which took information from an SQL database and displayed. Pressing ctrlf12 allowed me to preview them - I think from the server. This worked fine.

As soon as I tried to add frames - things started to go wrong, and my dynamic image link was broken, and I was unabale to preview from the server as I had done before.

Even when I took my working dynamic page, and added a frame to it and created the frameset, it then became impossible to view this frameset dynamically - as I had been doing with single pages.

I have noticed though (perhaps this may be the problem - or it may be completed unrelated), that when I save my dynamic Php pages into my server, they don't seem to save under the name I had saved them. For example - a php page I saved as Viewing Profile.php then appears on my server (when I view it through my FTP application) as somethng like - TMP2b91878dng.php.

No when I tried to view my pages on the server by uploading them - as you advised - I get this error message :

Warning: main(Connections/testdatabase_connection.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cjpqapym/public_html/ViewTesterase.php on line 1

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'Connections/testdatabase_connection.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/cjpqapym/public_html/ViewTesterase.php on line 1

Which I guess tells me the file isn't there. Is this perhaps because the name has changed to the one above(TMP2b91878dng.php)? I'm not sure why the name is changing but for now I will assume this may be part of the problem. I will try to change the name manually to what it should be and see if I can then preview on my server by uploading the files using FTP.

Anyway, thanks for your help, and thanks for reading this message too.


AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented:
So now it seems that I can access the TMP version of the page but the actual version can not be accessed. Viewing my /public_html folder, I see that both the temp and correctly named files seem to be there, but when I try to display those pages in my browser by typing in the web-location, I can only get the TEMP version to appear. Mmmm...
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AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented:
Actually - I have now noticed that all my PHP dynamic pages don't seem to appear when I type in the full URL in the browser, but only when I type in the url+TMPpage (not just the ones in the Frameset).  
AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented:
Okay...well I turned off 'Preview using temporary file' in the preferences and that looks promising - I can now display the file by typing in the back to those framesets... (sorry for the pointless monologue - wouldn't want anyone to waste time thinking about this one if I can get it sorted)
AdamTrying to learn phpAuthor Commented: things seem to be okay now. I just preview on the server using an FTP applcations and don't create TEMP files and it seems to work.

Thanks for the advice Esopo
>>well I turned off 'Preview using temporary file'<<
Exactly. Those Tmpxxxxxx.php files you have been getting are the temporary previewing files DW creates in orther to allow a preview without saving over the original file. This serves very little purpouse so DW MX 2004 disables it as default.

>>sorry for the pointless monologue...<<
Don't be sorry about it. Most users come here, ask away and expect people to magically understand their problems and find solutions. The more info you can provide about your issue, the better.

I'm glad it's working now.

Best regards,

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