Apachectl starts wrong apache (Mac OSX)

I have Apache 2 installed on my Mac (OSX 10.3). It works fine and starts up normally. This install is next to the old default Apache, version 1.3.29. Normally I use a control panel item to do a graceful restart and for small configuration changes that works allright. I do have a problem with this control panel when there is something wrong in the config file. Then the control panel gives an error message, and it refuses to work properly after that. Then a restart seems the only way to solve this problem.

So I think I go to /library/apache2/ where I have Apache2 installed, and use bin/apachectl to start apache. The problem is that when I use this method, it starts the old version, not the new one. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Can I delete the old version?
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DominicCroninConnect With a Mentor Commented:
apachectl is a script. You can open it up in a text editor and examine what it does. You may find that you can simply edit the location of httpd.
grexxAuthor Commented:
Thanks! How simple. Great tip!
grexxAuthor Commented:
I opened the file, and all pathes in there were to the correct Apache. And still it didn't work... :-( Until I realised that I didn't use an absolute path the Apachectl....  Oh stupid me! :-)
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