How Can I progrematicly mail Enable a Public folder (VBS)

How Can I progrematicly set a PF to be mail Enabled?
(Prefered in VBS)

I know how to set a new folder

set Application = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set NameSpace = Application.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
Set oMailInTop = OpenMAPIFolder ("\Public Folders\All Public Folders\PutItUnderHere\AndHere")
Set MyNewFolder = oMailInTop.Folders.Add(sMailInName)

Now how do I also set it to be Mail-Enabled?
And how do I set Replication Topology

It all has to be done via Script
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:;en-us;297390

...from the article:

Advantages of Using CDO
• Mail properties: CDO provides the ability to manipulate mail-related properties on public folders. To access these properties, you can use the CDO.IFolder interface to bind to the folder and then query for the CDOEXM.IMailRecipient interface.

Disadvantages of Using CDO
• Minimum software requirement: Code that uses CDO and CDOEXM recipient-management interfaces must be run on an Exchange 2000 Server. This is because the CDO interfaces (Cdoex.dll) are installed as part of Exchange 2000 Server.

Also check out the related link at the bottom,


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GMsbAuthor Commented:
It took me long time  but I made it
Thanks Kindo for the initial referal and the point I missed which was IT CAN'T run on WinXP only Win 2000 or 2003 SERVER.
Also I want to share some cool link to a manual: Introduction to the use of Exchange 2000 with WSH 

And here is the needed script

 Dim oMailRecipient
 Dim oMailingListFolder

sFolderName="My new Mail Enabled Folder"
sDescription = "Mail-In Automated:)"
Set oMailingListFolder = CreateObject("CDO.Folder")

   With oMailingListFolder
     .Description = sDescription
     .ContentClass = "urn:contact-classes:mailfolder"
     ' Save to the public store
     .DataSource.SaveTo "http://MyExhangeServer/public/subfolder\"& sFolderName
   End With
   ' Set the mail attributes
   Set oMailRecipient = oMailingListFolder.GetInterface ("IMailRecipient")

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