symantec error

I have a client when he tries to get his updates he gets lu1812 wmi error symantec
 any ideas?
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eberhardt2329Author Commented:
niether one helped I am getting a wmi error what shoudl I do?
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Sohel RanaCommented:

Can you tell what exact error message you get ?

eberhardt2329Author Commented:
yes it wants to download three different wmi updates, and comes back and filas on all three. the very top error is lu1806, and the three below that when you expand are lu1812. I have looked on symantec. thanks in advance
I've had this problem many many times myself. I'm guessing that your client is using a home/small office software from symantec and not any enterprise software. The problem I had was encountered with Norton Internet Security 2004. The easiest way for me to correct the problem was to uninstall live update, which can be done using the add/remove programs option under control panel, or if you run into difficutly reffer to this link....

LiveUpdate Removal ---

After successful removal, download and install the latest version of LiveUpdate from here....

After install and reboot, try running it again let me know if this helps.
Are you virus free? if not , run these :

     Spybot :
     adaware :
     STINGER  :                                           online scan for trojans            CWshredder                           download                            check the log

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Hi eberhardt2329 :-),
Since we haven't heard from you for a couple of days could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See: Thank you, turn123's friendly update request script.
Offtopic comments about this script to please :-).
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
I had to leave the clients site I will be back there next week, and give a update. Thank you
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