Transfer RAID array from one computer to another without losing array

Have a computer that seems to be having issues, worried about my data on my Promise IDE RAID hard drives. Is it possible to take the controller card and hard drives and move them to another computer with a operating system without losing my data? I would want to plug in the card and dries, load the drivers for the comp and have the data there. Is it possible?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Never having done so, I can't say for certain, but in theory, YES, that should word.  The controller tells the operating system what kind of drive(s) it has attached.  So as long as they are connected to the same controller and channel(s) as they were, the controller should report to the OS the RAID config as the drive(s) it contains.
I done this many times work fine

But if this is your boot drive and/or  has your os on it  there can be some issue.


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You should do this on the same hardware if possible, otherwise you will end up with a reinstall of windows, because of a different hal layer
If your promise card is your boot drive you should be able to transfer from one machine to the other however:

1 - minimize the hardware differences, IE remove extra addin cards
2 - before moving if possible change your video driver to VGA adapter.
3 - nothing is ever guaranteed to work - backup you data!

If you promise card is not the boot device then no problem, but still follow the above list.

Things to keep in mind though are that if you install it in the new machine and it does not load, don't try to force it as this will most likely corrupt the data on the array.  Remove the RAID controller and attempt to remove or disable other controller cards, then attempt installing it again.  Lastly once windows is running on the new machine there will probably be some new devices detected, complete all the driver installations before replacing the cards you removed previously.
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