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Freeing memory when closing MDI window

I have this application in VB.net, it's got a mainwindow that allows the user to do a search and when the SEARCH button is pressed the result is displayed in an MDI-child window. While watching Windows Task Manager and doing another 20 searches my application takes up over 100'000Kb of memory. Ok, it does have 20 MDI windows open with a datagrid on, so that might be fair(?).

BUT, when closing all these MDI-childwindows, according to Task Manager it doesnt release any memory at all. So if I then start to go berserk on the SEARCH button again it takes up even more memory!

It is still a very simple app, what should I do?

Regards Anders
1 Solution
Sounds like you need to force the garbage collector to run.  In the portion of code that releases your MDI resources add this line:


That will force the garbage collector to actually release the resources.

snoffyAuthor Commented:
That did A LOT, but not all. Doing 30 searches and closing them leaks about 7 Mb of memory.

Any thing else I could do?


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