clear session history and display the page again

I have a jsp page (out.jsp) wich contains a form with submit button. When "submit" is clicked, out.jsp calls a java servlet ( which then performs some operations and the results are again displayed by out.jsp. I track session history with HttpSession(inside and display it each time "submit" button is pressed. In other words, I display all previous paramters the user selected. I need to create a "clear history" button. I guess I can try to use session.removeAttribute inside the servlet but I don't know how I would know which button was pressed (submit or clear?)

So, my question is in which file (out.jsp or and how  I would create a function for clearing history, so that out.jsp is displayed again but without session history displayed.
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set a value for your button, and check it in your servlet
or have the button call a different servlet

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Or you can have a hidden field name "action"

<input type="hidden" name="action">

and when you click submit or clear you have to set it value by javascript to "submit" or "clear"
and then in servlet use request.getParameter("action") and check whether it is submit or clear.
Just make the clear button a link to the controller with the parameter clear as you aren't submitting any form info.


Then in controller, check params and then if the sction is clear, call session.invalidate() to destroy session then create a new sesion with request.getSession(true) and forward back the the out.jsp page.
I'm easy but I gave them the code required to kill the session so that's at least part of the solution...
I think I answered the question too.
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