Restore old msbackup backup with no catalog

My client has given me 2 diskettes that have backup files that appear to be msbackup:
Disk 1: CC40901A.001
Disk 2: CC41011A.001

I have read all the threads in here about restoring these files using the old version of msbackup, but I cannot get them to restore. The problem is getting a catalog that will match the file set, I suppose.

Notice that there are no catalogs on those diskettes. (That really is weird tha msbackup would store the catalogs on the harddrive, how did it ever expect to be able to restore after a harddrive crash?)

My problem is, whenever I try to restore, it says there is no catalog and to rebuild the catalog, but that gives an error message: Cannot read volume information from DOS media. How can the catalog be rebuilt from only the xxxxxx.001 file?

Help. Client is in a panic; hard drive has crashed and this is their ONLY source of their customer list.

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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi ericlcpa,

Quite a problem you're having there...
It's been a long time since I last used MSBackup but I'll see what I can find for you.
But, first try to find out which version of dos/windows has been used to create these backups as you'll be better off using the same version of MSBackup to restore.
Another thing to start with is to copy over the backup files to a harddisk right away (Must be formatted Fat16/32)


ericlcpaAuthor Commented:
The version is part of the problem. It was years ago when I set that up for them and nobody remembers. The original machine had win 3.1. We had to remove windows a few years ago to make room.

I have copied the diskettes to my hard drive. I was wondering if it was a filesystem issue. I don't have anything with a fat partition. MSBACKUP does not recognize ntfs. but seems to recognize network drives (even though they are ntfs, also.)

I did run msbackup on an older copy of their files that I put on that network drive and backed it up to a diskette. I was trying to create a backup set and catalog that would match what was on the backups. It seemed to run fine backing up and restoring those files. (I thought I could trick it by renaming the current catalog to the name of the old backup. It says multiple backups made with that catalog and retrieve catalog before proceeding, whcih is where I get the error.)

I just can't get it to restore those old ones because there is not a catalog.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I just found this, it might be useful in your case to re-create the catalog:
Once you've downloaded and installed MSBackup, which of course runs only in DOS compatibility mode, you need to restore the catalog. At the main menu of the program, select Restore/Catalog/Retrieve and then your floppy drive. Insert the LAST floppy disk of the backup set and select Continue. If you don't have the last backup floppy, or if there's a problem with the floppy and MSBackup can't retrieve the catalog from it, select Rebuild rather than Retrieve. MSBackup will recreate a catalog as best it can from the other floppies. After the catalog is dealt with, select OK, then Load. Click Select Files and then pick the files you wish to restore. Be careful about restoring any files to C:\WINDOWS or any of its subfolders; you don't want to write over any critical files. Now choose Start Restore and follow the prompts for feeding your floppies one by one into the maw of the beast. When it's done, click OK, then Quit to return to Windows. Your files should be restored.

You might find it worth a try.


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ericlcpaAuthor Commented:
I was getting the error trying to run MSBACKUP on W2K. It acted like it would work, it would do new backups and restores, but the rebuild catalog would fail. Once I found a W98 machine to use, it ran fine.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Great to hear :)

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