If a pix firewall is open for ssh and https connections is that a serious security violation?
(only specified ip addresses of course) Could a hacker get in easy?

Makes it much easier to administer.
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It's ofcourse less secure then not open (duh!), but it also depends on what interface. If inside interface you'll only have to worry about your internal clients but if outside the risk is higher (presuming here that outside is the internet). All and all I would say it's pretty secure.

Bigger organizations tend to use out of bound management. They don't allow direct management access on IP level.
daxa78Author Commented:
It is over the internet
It its the outside interface then it is fairly secure. Since SSH and HTTPS are TCP protocols even if someone forged the IP address which the packets are coming from to match an IP you are permitting the reply will not go back to that machine so they cannot complete the connection.
The only time when this is possible is if a machine is compromised which is directly connected to the PIX outside interface via a switch etc... but without a router inbetween.
There is never any reason for such a machine as if you wanted it publically accessible it should be in the DMZ anyway.
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daxa78Author Commented:
When i do Sh run conf i see PDM location what does that mean?
PDM location is only relevant within the PDM GUI, when you look at the hosts/networks tab, the entries have no relevance to the function of the PIX.
As long as you restrict the http or ssh access to specific addresses, and use a local username/password authentication, then you have nothing to worry about.
The only time I would worry is if you had SSH wide open, like:
   ssh outside


- Cheers!
daxa78Author Commented:
Thanks lrmoore :-) Not that i dont trust you but just in case the client decides to take a look
at the config :-) THen i would have a little problem explaining ;-)
So i should keep my office ip at the pix ssh? no worries at all ? Would you do that?


I have absolutely no problem doing that. If I have no way to acess the PIX remotely, it is much more expensive for my clients to hire me to travel onsite, and the risk is absolutely non existent as long as you restrict access to specific IP's...

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daxa78Author Commented:
Thank you once again
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