Get Unicode Text From Access DB in VB


I'm using a database I created in MS Access XP. From a VB 6.0 application I connect to my databse using
MS Jet 4.0 engine. My database contains tables with text fields that contain unicode characters.
When I try to get these records from the database all the unicode characters are replaced with '?'s

I already checked the controls in VB and they can display unicode characters. The problem is that I get
the text from the database already messed up.

Who can I get this text right? Do I need to change the engine I use to connect to the database?
Do I need to configure the fields in my DB differently?

Tanks in advance,
Nisim Aytek.
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This is a test comment
First, we should make sure whether you get unicode from Access or not.
Using a DAO or ADODB recordset, retrieve a string for which you know there is an extenden character at position n. Extract that to a string variable. Example:

    Dim strTest as String
    strTest = Mid(recTable.Fields(2).Value, 5)

This would store a string starting with the fifth character of the third field into the variable. I can guarantee that the Field object does return a unicode enabled string (i.e. an array of integers, not bytes). Now observe this in the immediate pane:

    ? AscW(strTest)

If you get 63, this is no longer Unicode. If it is higher than 255, the problem is not with the JetEngine or the database. If you *do* get 63, it might be worthwile to write unicode into the table, for example ChrW(916) should be the greek upper-case delta (a triangle). Write that into a field, and read it back. If you can do that, it means that the data was flattened to 8-bit before entering the table...

As for enabling Unicode data in a VB control, you should ask in the VB channel. The only advice here would be to build a unicode string (using ChrW(913) & ChrW(914) & ... for a greek alphabet) and to assign that to an unbound control. If that shows, Unicode can be displayed.

Good Luck!

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