Toshiba laptop splash screen

Opening splash screen after XP log on displays msg.

Initialization error: HKDRV Driver is absent!

I know this is a driver problem, but for what?
Have posted this error msg. many times, but with no solution.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What model Toshiba?  

You're right - no one has the answer.  I'll try to find it if you can tell me the model (exact model number).
Rok BrnotCommented:
Try starting windows in SAFE mode (VGA) and (re)install correct video driver.
From what I have gathered, that is the driver for your CD or DVD-rom. You could try and do a repair using the Recoveryconsole, or if you have XP, do a reinstall-in-place, or do a Restore back to the point when it was still working.
Backup your data first.
Alternatively, ask a friend with a similar laptop, to email you that file (with instructions where he found it, probably windows\system32).
Boot into safe mode and put it back where it belongs.
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macjennaAuthor Commented:
Model is Toshiba satellite 3000 s304
Two comments so far point at VGA or CD/DVD will have to reinstall drivers for both and retest. this error does not prevent the OS from loading nor is there any problems due to this error, all I have to do is click OK to proceed on through XP load. It is so frustrating trying to figure what to do to clear it premanently.
Hkdrv.sys is part of Toshiba's proprietary power management utility.
If it appears in add/remove programs, as Toshiba Power Management or similar,
uninstall it.
Download the utility, (s3ktpmx.exe is the file you're after) from Tosh's tech
support centre and reinstall.

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macjennaAuthor Commented:
This was right on the money and cleared everything up instantly. Thanks.
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