Need to read cfm file.

I need to understand how an application, written in Coldfusion, works so that I can convert the application/site to ASP.  

I have attempted to view the .cfm files using a text editor and a number of applications. Yet, the contents of the .cfm file are unreadable ... the source is in binary format.

My understanding is that .cfm files contains scripts, which I am assuming, are simply text. Why is it that I cannot view the files correctly?

Can anyone recommend an IDE which will allow me to view the files or enlighten me as to why I am unable to view them? Pardon my ignorance but I am an ASP developer attempting to understand the logic written in Coldfusion.

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In a normal situation a CFML file is a text file

You got an encripted file. There is no IDE (that I know) where you can read this file!

mic138Author Commented:
So is that an option within Coldfusion, which will actually encrypt the cfm files, which are then placed on the server?
Yes you can encrypt cfm files and then place them on te server!

(CF-server can offcourse read the encrypted files!)
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mic138Author Commented:
Once I have a CFML text file, do I undergo a process in Coldfusion, which will generate a cfm file?

Again, I do not wish to start studying Coldfusion but merely want to view the cfm/CFML files for hard coded information which I need to import into my ASP pages.

You can create a cfml text file and place them on the server
You can create a cfml text file, encrypt it and place it on the server (this is the file you've got)

There is no legal way to decrypt these files!

You need to find the text files to see what is in it


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mic138Author Commented:
Thank you Mause. You have been helpful.
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