Strange Lockups - Need to find the problem

I am rebuilding my old system for my wife to use, and turning her system into another linux box. Her system has a new 120 gig Western Digital SE hard drive (passed western digital LLF test), a Gigabyte GA7VRXP motherboard, 768M of DDR memory (testing now, 12 tests passed with 0 errors -- memtest86), and a cheap NVIDIA graphics card (switched it from another cheap graphics card, no change in problems).

This system recently had Slackware 10 on it, and it would just lockup for no reason. Now, I am trying to load a copy of WinXP Pro on it with no luck. The system locks up each time during the part where you setup the partitions (I don't have to touch it and it will lock up -- Windows). I was able to get Windows loaded on it one time, but due to lock ups while the OS was running, I tried a reload again.

Other than running the memtest, ruling out the grahpics card, and the hard drive passing inspection, what else can be done?  Are there any other hardware testing programs that can be used without an OS?

Jason Bush

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Try to install winXP on the same system with a spare HDD. Even tho you have tested this I think you should check it again as it seems this could be the problem.
Try using just one memory module at a time.

Also make sure the timings of the memory are the same since memory incompatability may be the issue, even though the memory in itself is not defective.


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Is this a SATA drive? If it is, you will probably have to load the driver for your sata controller via floppy when you load winXP. Soon after starting from CD you get a message to press F6 if you have a third party driver. After pressing F6 you get the option to insert a driver floppy.
Just had this problem. You need to erase all partitions by reformating the hardrive. Don't use Windows, use something like MaxBlast. Also don't take a short-cut and just erase the partitions, do a format.
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