Convert a CWK file

I have windows xp and have been emailed a .CWK file which i know is a claris works file extension, none of my programs open it as it is a mac format file.  Is there any free conversion tools i have seen some but they all cost in excess of $30 which would be a waste as i only need this one file converted.
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It looks like this shareware program will do what you want it to do:
icWord 3.0
harrysturgessAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion lee but this only converts word documents the file i'm trying to convert is a picture file.  Plus the download extracts as a sit file and i do not know how to run this file type
ok ive just had a little look, and apparently:

.cwk will basically only open in Appleworks for Windows

which seems a bit odd becuase i thought appleworks was similar to excel? (as in spreadsheets)

what i was originally trying to find was a program called aportis doc converter i think thats the program which will convert anything into .pdf which will allow all content, pictures spreadsheets, word docs all into one. ill keep looking at post if i find anything.
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harrysturgessAuthor Commented:
i ended up just finding a mac and emailing it to the mac and converting it to a jpeg, but i will leave the question open as i am interested in this program your talking about zed incase this happens agains as it took me a long time to find someone with a mac it would be alot quicker to use something like the program you describe
By putting "aportis doc converter" in a google search, I found a few sites mentioning this program, and finally, there was a link to, but when you go there you find a page saying that the aportis web page is for sale...
ok so far ive found this little program:

this is to be used on the mac pc to convert over to a pc system. still looking for a program which can be run on a pc.

similar program: from mac to pc using the mac

this program allows you to read mac disks on a pc (altho if your emailing this wont help, it may help others who read this)

alas, the last place i look, right here!!!!

i found the above link in an ee question which can be found here:

hope the above helps

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