How to build a SNMP network monitoring tool?

Hello guys,
Does anyone have any idea about the steps of building a SNMP network traffic analyzer tool?
Any suggestions on what would be the best and suitable (easiest maybe) programming language to build such a tool?
I have been reading on different types of protocols that I need to get data out of them, but still a bit confuse on how and where to start.
What aspects I need to read more (a link could help alot) and in what area I should be concentrating most?

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Why don't you try "Big Brother":

also have a look at
"Linux SNMP Network Management Tools"

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check out Nagios:

You probably don't have to build the tool, since there are plenty of open-source and commercial ones.

Now, if you really need to build the thing, I'd prefer  writing it in Perl, with the SNMP module ( But if you choose any other language, I'm sure there are libraries or modules that implement SNMP so you can easly integrate them on your program.

You could also check out Net-SNMP you could install it and follow the tutorials.
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