Parse mm/dd/year into 3 textboxes |mm||dd||year|

I have a database with dates stored in one field named Date in this format mm/dd/year.
I need my application to parse this date into 3 different textboxes when my program reads from this field:
mm = txtmonth.text
dd = txtday.text
year = txtyear.text

Thanks for any suggestions or code.
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eekjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dim split As String() = YourDateField.Split("/".ToCharArray())
txtmonth.Text = split(0)
txtday.Text = split(1)
txtyear.Text = split(2)
vinhthuy_nguyenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or you can use
yourDate.DayOfWeek = dd
yourDate.Month =mm
yourDate.Year = yyyy
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