Veritas Netbackup with status 1


Our backup using veritas netbackup has got status 1, with these error messages in the problems report:

 from client hostname: ERP -  file /index/old_export/DATA/SAPSSDEF.001 shrunk by 441264640 bytes, padding with zeros.

backup of client hostname exited with status 1 (the requested operation was partially successful).

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the file that is causing the backup problems.

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You are trying to backup an open file. If you need that function you will have to install or enable the openfile agent of Veritas on the PC where the file is stored.
ebi168Author Commented:
Why that file is open? Nobody is supposed to use it at midnight. THanks
It probably isn't a user. It looks more like a program or database system is keeping it open. Is there a Database running on your server? The name of the file starts with SAP, do you have SAP running? If you are sure you don't need any such processes running at midnight, you could schedulse them not to run at that time. You can also tell veritas to run certain commands before / after the backup job. Here you could tell it to stop certain services and to start them again when finished.

You must be carefull though, if you do things like that, since Database systems also run certain maintenance jobs, and these are often scheduled to run around midnight as well...

The same applies for groupware or mail server programs, like exchange or domino. To backup these you also need an according agent for the backup program.
To backup running databases you also get agents which run under Veritas, like SQL Agent.

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ebi168Author Commented:
Thanks for the excellent information. It is just weird because the backup is always ok at that time. Is it possible I could find out what program has been using it?
You could try to find that file (/index/old_export/DATA/SAPSSDEF.001) on the server and examine it with a viewer or hex editor. Maybe you could get some more info on it that way. I just thought, since you have "index" in the path, it could have something to do with a database. They often build indexes so the data can be found faster.

Things like that could incidently also happen if someone forgot to turn of his PC in the evening and there was still a document on the server which he had loaded.  since this has happened only once I wouldn't bother too much, this is only 1 file that wasn't saved, and index files can almost always be built up again.
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