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Hi Everyone,

A couple years ago I had an add-on program for AIM that took my screen name and changed the format (capital letters, spacing) every few seconds. It was a neat program, but after i stopped using it, my name stayed where it was (ie "m VI dA   S" -- not my real aim name).

It was on a roommates computer that he doesnt even have anymore. Does anyone know of a program that can change the formatting of a screenname so I can get it back to normal?  I know this isnt the VB TA, but if theres some kind of programming I can do to change it I'd gladly do that as well.  I'm really looking for a one time fix for this, not looking for a program to do it again (unless it lets me choose the format I want, in which case I'll get it, change it back, then uninstall it).

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks, Matt
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You can reformat your screen name in AIM:

When you're logged on, in your buddy list choose My Aim > Edit Options > Format Screen Name.

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mvidasAuthor Commented:
Thanks! pays to look around at the program i guess  :P
happy to help
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