CPU Overheat

I have just upgraded to a PIV (Grantsdale) 2.8Gig CPU on an ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe motherboard with 512MB of DDR and 80GB SATA. The problem I am now facing is that the ASUS Probe reports a CPU overheat problem whenever I do any CPU intensive tasks and I have to open the case cover to control the problem a bit. There are two fans on the Power Supply (400W) (one in front and one at the rear). There is provison for providing another fan on the case itself. The Air inlet is on the side cover. (with a diffuser attached to it).
I would like some advice as to what temperature is tolerable - the ASUS probe gives alarms at 72 degree celsius. Is this safe?
At this point the fans speeds up but if I keep the case closed the temperature does not fall - but remains around that level. (72)
The Hardware monitor in BIOS shows a higher reading than ASUS Probe. The temperature normally shown by ASUS Probe when the system is idle is 51 deg celsius.
Please advise on the recommended plan of action I should take.
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There could be 2 reasons for that reading:

1. Faulty cooling system
2. Faulty probe on Asus motherboard.

I had once the same problem with the CPU, please turn off the PC and check that the cooler is sitting well on the CPU - sometimes it is not attached well enough - this is the reason the CPU is not cooled by the cooler in a correct way. Reattach the cooler and try again.

I would also suggest using the thermopaste to increase cooling effect.

Another good idea for these could be replacing the OEM cooler with Zalmans: either CNPS7700AlCu or CNPS7000AlCu - these help to dissipate heat very well, much more efficient than the OEM coolers and also these are the quietest coolers on the market.

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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi jayan65,

> the ASUS probe gives alarms at 72 degree celsius. Is this safe?
Nope, that's way too hot for a normal system...

Several suggestions:
1) Check the case temperature, if it's fairly high (above 40 degrees?) You'll have to add a casefan.
2) If the case temperature is fairly low, you'll have to check your CPU heatsink (you did apply a very thin layer of thermal paste between the processor and the heatsink didn't you?)
3) Get yourself a better CPU cooler if possible.


LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Nice timing muhalok :o)

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First i should feel the cpu, to check if the readings are more or less correct. Intel cpu's should only be handwarm, not hot.
for the rest, good suggestions above
The temperature is way out of bounds, normally a similar system would run a core temperature about 40 to a maximum of 55 degrees.
A system I recently setup with dual Xeon and 600w psu is running with a wellbalanced 39 degrees.
(note: it sound's like a truck though)
Bear in mind that you even have the Stack Cool™ option in your setup which is supposed to lower the temperature with 10 degrees.
Look up your cpus eletrical specks here. Your cooling, both cpu and case ventilation are inadequate. LucF's advice is right on as usual.
You should verify that your heatsink is properly seated - there is really no reason that this should happen in a well ventilated chassis like you seem to have.  More than likely your heatsink is eaither not making proper contact with your CPU or you have a lack of pressure causing a poor connection between the two.  Also if you have removed and reseated the heatsink a number of times your thermal grease may no longer be doing its job, remove it from both the CPU and the heatsink and reapply new grease.

If after verifying this you are still having issues then you have to look at the airflow, more fans does not necessarily equal more cooling.  Use an incense or similar smoke stick to see how air flows through the system.  You may actually get better results removing a fan.  Also fans taht are mounted flush against the grill in a case generally don't move much air.  If you space the fan off the grill slightly and make a cowl around the fan you get better and more efficent airflow.

Also keep in mind that a high powered video card can generate lots of heat, a small cyclone fan in the slot next to the card can draw a lot of that heat out the back before it hetas up the air in the case.
Shane31, why didn't u just copy my comment instead of rephrasing it? :)

Your comment was not as detailed and did not cover all the areas I wanted to cover in my response, that is why I did not quote you, besides if you had covered the same areas as me I would not have posted anything at all
Well i think the fan is not fitted properly on the CPU Slot( the Fan is is ove the Processor) so please check the filling of the CPU Fan. 2ndly check for any wire which might be touching your CPU Fan.    else try the above suggestion also     :))
Some small improvement, but not a total solution, might be obtained by using Arctic Silver Thermal compound in place of the conventional white thermal paste. This is available under the brand name Antec at Circuit City, UPS Code 6134577063.  The 3 gram vial should last a lifetime -- so little is used each time.  The surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with acetone and the compound applied exactly according to the printed directions.  The labeling claims "Lowers your CPU temperature by a much as 15° C".  IMO that claim may be rather exaggerated.
jayan65Author Commented:
Thank you all very much for the overwhelming response from all of you - especillay LucF, muhalok and shane31. I will try the reseating of the CPU and cooler and get back to you all by 19th or 20th Nov. Please hold the horses till then :-)

Thanks a lot

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Ok, good luck :)

You should get a temperature monitoring program such as hmonitor ( hmonitor.com ) OR SPEEDFAN
If you continue to run your system like this, you will damage your CPU, motherboard, and memory.
1.You need to add a cpu fan exhaust on the side panel of your case. Take a fan and place it with
the tag towards the outside of the case, this will exhaust any of the heat coming out from the cpu. You can build a duct that will guide the hot air out.
2. Buy a new quality heatsink/and fan combo. I would recommend one from Thermaltake, such as the Volcano 11+. This will cool your cpu with budget in mind, and also has a fan speed adjustment knob.
3. You may want to upgrade to a bigger case with rear exhausts, that will take some of the heat out of the case.
4. Make sure your case has an air intake, from the front, so it brings cool air from outside inside. ****Do not intake too much cool air into the system***** It will be hard for the exhausts to take it out when it gets warm.
5. Visit a site such as overclockers.com for cooling suggestions, and articles such as making fan ducts, tiding up your cables to improved airflow, etc.
-Good Luck!
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