Change MAC address of a Pocket PC


I have 3 pocket PC's (Toshiba E800) and they all have the same MAC address. Probably by restoring the same backup at all three of them.
Now I would like to change the MAC address of each Pocket PC, so I can restrict access to certain Access Points in my wireless LAN.
Does anyone know how to do this?
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They shouldnt have the same MAC address as its burned into ROM and is a unqiue code given by the hardware vender.

MAC addresses as far as I know cannot be changed
KGTAuthor Commented:
But I can change on my computer in the hardware settings of my network card.
I think this should also be possible for a Pocket PC.
I'm not too familar with the Pocket PC's.

Does it specify a MAC address or is it an IP address? - That would make more sense to me.

And how can you tell they are using the same MAC address? Is there not an option near by to change it?
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KGTAuthor Commented:
I'm also not familiar with Pocket PC's, that's why I'm asking it here at EE.
I've searched the device for hours trying to change the MAC address of the WiFi lan adapter, but I can only change the IP address.
But there is a kind of status page where I can view the MAC address of the device, and for every Pocket PC it is the same.
I had this problem some time ago with ASUS P4S800 motherboards, they all had the same mac address for the onboard LAN controller.
There was a solution which can be found at where the driver was updated. But you can also change the mac address using the hardware preferences of the adapter. But this is in Windows XP.
The problem is I woudn't know how to update my driver on this device using Windows Mobile 2003. I can connect it to my PC using a cradle, but I don't have a clue how to install software, nor drivers on it.
This is very strange. I don't think I can offer the exact solution.

Here is a link to Tosiba support.

Maybe have a look there an email a support assistant. Let me know how it goes
You can maybe try going via the Ask Iris® Online bit.

Sometimes yuo need to give details of the serial number for support so its best if you  follow the link from here.
KGTAuthor Commented:
I found the solution.
It was actually very stupid.
Go to START > Settings > System > Wireless LAN Manager and the TAB Info.
There you can change the MAC address of the device.
Microsoft put it away very deep :-/

Who gets the points now?
Glad you got it fixed. =)

As far as points I'd happily have them ;-)

Technically as you solved the problem yourself you could probably put in a request o refund them, but ultimatly its down to you to choose.

I'm surprised you can change the MAC address. I'd have though it was more like an IP address. I must look into these pocket PC's =)

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KGTAuthor Commented:
Yeah you should!
It is all new to me too.

I will give you the points, you at least tried to help me with it ;-)
Thanks =)
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