Horizontal scrollbar in IE

I have a website which fits perfectly in the web browser (either IE or gecko based), that is, it doesn't show with horizontal scrollbars.

My problem comes when i put the website in it's own frame, here's my code:

string strHTML = @"<html><title>Edit by surf</title>" +
"<frameset rows='95%,5%'>" +
"<frame name='main' src='" + location + "/index.htm' scrolling='auto'>" +
"<frame name='toolbar' src='toolbar.aspx' scrolling='no' noresize>" +

aplogies for the above C# code, but you get the idea.

My problem is, the website is is about 20px to big and thus showing a horizontal scrollbar.

In mozilla it doesn't show a scrollbar in IE it does.  If it's in it's own browser window it doesn't show a scrollbar.

What's going on?

PS. The website is completely centered with CSS so there are no elements that are anywhere near the edge of the screen.

Thank you
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seen this problem manny times... you might want to set the body width somewhat smaller... is a IE bug (if i am right, when you remove the DOC tage on top of the element the problem is also solved, but not the way you want it)

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Type25Author Commented:
IE bug - veeeery surprising  :)

i've changed the width to 95% and it seems to have worked, are there any side effects i should be aware of??

not that i know off... only that the whole world should be using firefox... should make our life much easier :)
Type25Author Commented:

Thanks! :)
And thank you! here to help you
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