How to Use VB.NET .dll(components) in vc++ .net

Hi All,
   I have designed a application in , but when time came to deliver it to customer , i have to install .net framework on client machine.
  I don't want to make my application too bulky with .net framework..

Applications designed in vc++ with gui doesn't require .net framework to be install.

so .. I want to convert my application forms to .dll( components) and use them in vc++ will remove the .net framwork necessity..

How can i do it ...please explain me with a simple example...(.dll build with and then use it with vc++ ..

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This is ampossible. Any managed program requires .NET Framework installation.
Applications developed in unmanaged C++ don't require .NET Framework. Applications developed in managed C++ require .NET Framework exactly like VB.NET or C# applications.
There are two ways to remove .NET Framework dependency, both are not straightforward:
1) Convert your appllication to ASP .NET application or WEB Service.
2) Rewrite it using any unmanaged language like C++, VB6 etc.

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I agree with AlexFM that there are no straightforward ways to work with this cross platform issues. However I think a similar question has been asked before. There is a way to selectively link required framework files and make a mini deployment unit, using a third party tool you can get here

hope this helps
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