Insertion Query into MySQL

Wonder if anyone can help.

I have a table I'd like to insert a row into using PHP. This table will be being used by a CMS, so at any point any no. of users could be inserting rows into it.

Once the code has done the insert, I'd like to get the recordID of the new row.
So I could: do a select on the table immediately following the insert to get the new recordID.

I can't 100% rely upon any auto-increment feature since someone else could have inserted a new row in between my inserting, then finding the new recordID using auto-increment.

Is there anything very handy in PHP like:

newRecordID = php_insert_row (insert parameters ....)

that returns the new record ID for me without relying upon auto incremenet and one that would mean I wouldn't have to write a cumbersome select query immediately post the insert?

This is PHP4 running wtih MySQL 3.x.

Thanks for any help,

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If that id-column has auto_increment enabled you can use
mysql_insert_id() to get that id. There is no need to do a select afterwards.

mysql_insert_id will give you the id that the current connection has inserted, you won't get the id of the insert from someone other.


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Hi bcops,

to get the id use:
    $id = mysql_insert_id($sqlInsertStatement);

From the MYSQL documentation pages:
When a new AUTO_INCREMENT value has been generated, you can also obtain it by executing a SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() statement mysql_query() and retrieving the value from the result set returned by the statement.

For LAST_INSERT_ID(), the most recently generated ID is maintained in the server on a per-connection basis. It will not be changed by another client. It will not even be changed if you update another AUTO_INCREMENT column with a non-magic value (that is, a value that is not NULL and not 0).

So, follow your INSERT SQL statement with a "SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()" and you'll be fine

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