Help beta test a new IQ Test at

We're putting together a very well researched online IQ test over at

We put up the new version at:

I'm interested in hearing feedback about the design, usability, technical issues of the test. Also, I'm interested in hearing feedback on the questions, are they correct, clear, concise, does it all make sense?

It should be a pretty fun/interesting test, exercise the brain a little. The new GIQTest generates a comprehensive report on completion.

I'll award the points to whoever can find an error in one of the questions.


(can skip the recall questions if you'd like by inputting anything and click 'next)
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In your recall section you have the answers to the questions clearly in the page encoding.


 <!-- debug com.gsurvey.test.model.TestQuestion@81e09f
      answerList:[, , , , ]
      question length:ASHORTANS
      list style:NUMBEREDLIST

If anybody is stumped they just do a view source on the page and they can see the answer. (In this case it is 243615).
Vocabulary Section Question 12:

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Question 7 of 17 in the language section has two words that are very close to quarrel. Struggle and bicker.
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Recall and Recall back sections:
You should disable the input field until the sequence is over,
so that people don't type then while they appear.
Question 13 0f 17 in the language section. None of the words is really close to ADROIT.  Adroit means skillful and implies a manual skill. The closest word you have there is "ingenious" but that means mental skill.
Question 14 of 17 in the language section. The answers are too close to each other and none is the best choice.
!5 of 17 in language. None of the answers are really close to PROSAIC.
Final score: 123 ;)

Good test conception. Question difficulty is progressive. Very interesting.

Better than George Bush phew... but less than Madonna damn!
I liked the test, especially the progressive difficulty of the questions and the samples given at the beginning of each section.  Those first Recall questions would've been difficult if I hadn't seen the example.

I didn't notice any errors in the questions.  I did notice the vagueness others mentioned in a few questions from the vocabulary section.  But as it directs you to choose the 'best' answer, I think none are too vague.  I struggled with the Lava and Water question, as they both DO flow but also CAN float.  In the end I chose the flow answer as the float answer requires specific conditions to make it true (i.e. they need to be floating on a substance denser than water or lava)

I'd like to see the answers to the questions I got wrong.  Is there a reason the incorrect answers aren't given?  One can always learn from these tests too...
I haven't the time yet, but here is observsation from similar tests. Make it easy in taking and unobtrusive, anonymous without the filler gimmicks.  For example, good to give answers on webpage. Bad to require personal information and eMail address to get results, and VERY bad to wait until completion of test to begin the personal information collection phase.  This is not criticism having not gone through it yet, just a recommendation to any development of websites and their possible changes in direction. To get my IQ# I should not be required to download a tool, no matter how useful or pretty.
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