Max size for PowerPoint Presentation


What is the maximum size that a PowerPoint Presentation can be?
We're having problems with a 181MB .ppt file.

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 I believe it will just depend on the kind of system you have (to work with large files). I have found very troublesome to work with files with that kind of size.

You probably have videos or other objects that are embeddeb in your presentation. I suggest you do the follwoing:
1) compress pictures: click a picture, go to the image properties (or format image,.. I don't have the english version here), click the Image tab, and click Compress button (left bottom);
Select all Images in the document, and there u go ;)
This applies only to office >XP

2) embed content: read here for more info:

3) if you pasted objects directly from (e.g.) excel, then you'd probably would be better of to use Edit > Paste Special > Paste as Windows Metafile. This way the objects will not be editable through Powerpoint, but the file size will be better.

good luck ;)
Or linking several powerpoint presentations together.  Break the presentation into managable chuncks then call the next presentation from within the current powerpoint file.
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Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
It's not necessarily the size of the PPT but how much RAM and disk space the computer has to run your presentation. You can run sound files and movies from the CD-ROM, if you have copied the PPT to a writeable CD.
Tonie16Author Commented:

Thanks for all the responses.
So there's basicly not a limit on the size for Powerpoint presentations??. Like in Excel, I think there's a limit on the size of Excel documents can be.

No there is no limitation, I've had a 250mb powerpoint presentation before.  I just had to be paitent while it was loading because the whole file is loaded into RAM and that can take awhile.  The only limitation there might be is if you do not have more then 181mb of ram you may have trouble opening it.

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 Like orphicfireball said, I don't think there is a limitation... It will depend mostly on the system you have. I have to recommend you to shrink the file as far as you can.

cheers ;)
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