Dear Friends,
I've a problem that i forgot my toshiba laptop satellite S1900-303 password(system password), i tried many passwords. and now i think there was a limit. so i crossed it . last time it gave message "SYSTEM DISABLED".
Now when i switch on the laptop it just starts and then turns off after 4-5 seconds.
what is the solution ,i don't want to go to toshiba or don't want to pay.
I had opened the laptop, unplugged the battery(It was fixed, i unplugged it and then solder  it again)
there is no jumper near the battery.
It's my own personal laptop, if you think that's it's stolen ,i can give you people it's details serial no, other things.
Thank you very much
Best Regards,
Shahzad Maqbool
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Toshiba does not charge to reset your system password - you only need to provide them with a valid proof of purchase.  Then with your system model and serial number they will give you a master password to unlock the system.  These types of security features are found in most laptops and the manufacturers always have a way to unlock the units.

I am afraid you have no choice but to deal with Toshiba.
Dear Friend thank you very much for replying me . but there wil be anyother option for techies.
i'm a technical guy.
no other option on a toshiba unless you change the bios chip. when the system is disabled your stumped you have to call toshiba
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The systems were designed not to allow a bypass - that is there purpose.  Also to change a bios chip in a laptop is pretty well impossible as these are generally soldered to the mainboard.  Call Toshiba it takes maybe 15 minutes including the time on hold.
just a quick note i work in a service centre in the UK we fix some Toshiba laptops and on most of them you have to send them in to us to reset the bios password we have only 2 ways to do it one is a special loop back plug and a floppy disk or we replace the bios chip it depends on how locked it is if your system is disabled then we change the chip if you can still enter a password then we use the floppy and loop back plug only the very old systems Had a master password all the systems now have a totally lock security feature so you cant get in if you have a stolen laptop or if you just forget the password i am sorry to say your computer will require a trip to the shop to fix it it takes about 10 days from the day you send it in till you get it back you will have to call tec support to get a repair order and as shane31 points out the chips are soldered on to a lot of the motherboards a lot of the time we just put a reconditioned board in and send your board off for reconditioning saves a lot of messing about with a soldering iron

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some people say that this loop back plug works
its very Simula to the one we use with the floppy reset disk
sorry bad link try and look at the solutions bit
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