Tablet XP 2005 - Roaming Profile Problem with Tablet Input Panel

OK, ladies and gents - here's the problem.

Model I'm working with is a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, imaged with Tablet PC 2005, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.

We're running a mixture of Win NT 4.0 (unknown SP level, but can find out), Windows 2000 and 2003 servers.  We utilize roaming profiles for our users.  Office products in use range from Office 95 to Office 2003 (and I know the headaches from that!).

If the tablet is not put on the domain, the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) works fine - can switch without problem from keyboard to single character recognition to freehand writing space.  Once put on the domain, however, the majority of user's profiles will not work with the TIP - the only item available is the keyboard - clicking on the other two buttons does nothing.

I haven't found a utility yet that will allow me to "edit" the user's profile - hence I cannot see the items in the profile.  

Any ideas on what may be causing the conflict, or a tool that can be used to view the items in the profile?

Thanks for the help!
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You need to recreate the profile from the tablet PC.  When you are changing from a range of different hardware platforms somethings on the roaming profile won't work.  I have found that recreating the roaming profile from the problem area helps.

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NoHackrLtdAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Wonka...  Since the original question was posted, I did discover that blowing away the profile and letting the system recreate it did work.  I initially tried it with my own personal account, and a well-used test account; neither of which worked.  My fellow image builder tried it with a fairly pristine test account, and it worked fine.

However, this is going to be one devil of a problem with the amount of users these tablets are going out for - the number could climb into the hundreds.  Our health system has such a spread of operating systems.  If anyone has another suggestion, please let me know.

Roaming profiles are a royal pain!
NoHackrLtdAuthor Commented:
Since Wonka was the only one to answer, and it was the way, I'll give the points.  Thanks for the help!
Thanks!  Glad I could help!
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