ORA-12535 TNS:Operation time out.

Hi ...

I am getting "ORA-12535 TNS:Operation time out."

I know that ....."Cause: The requested connection could not be completed within the timeout period specified by the CONNECT_TIMEOUT parameter in LISTENER.ORA. This error arises from the TNSLSNR."

Local Database    :   Chile
Outside database :   Miami
My query             :   select * from table_x@dblink
result                  :   ora-12535: TNS: opeation timed out

I would like to know, if my problem is a local problem or problem with the outside account...(parameters o something related to outside account)


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+ The TNS-12535 or ORA-12535 error is normally a timeout error associated
  with Firewalls or slow Networks.
+ It can also be an incorrect listener.ora parameter setting for the
  CONNECT_TIMEOUT_<listener_name> value specified.
+ In essence, the ORA-12535/TNS-12535 is a timing issue between the client and

1. Find out if you are going through any Firewalls or Routers.
   If you are, then see Note A below.
2. Try to "ping" the ip address or hostname from the client.
   Check the timing response and see if it is acceptable.
   If it is not, then you may need to increase the
   CONNECT_TIMEOUT_<listener_name> value in the listener.ora file on the
   Doing this will correct the connectivity problem, but may be masking the
   real problem of the physical network.
(See the Sqlnet / Net8 Administrators guide for details on how to make these
Note A
1a. If you are going through a Firewall, and your server platforms are UNIX,
    then you must ensure that the port being listened on is open, unless you
    are running the Firewall vendor's Proxy Server, in which case this will
    allow connectivity.
1b. If you are not running the Firewall vendor's Proxy, and the port is not
    open, then you will have a refusal from the outside into the Firewall zone.
2. If you are going through a Firewall, and your server platforms are NT,
   then you must ensure that the port being listened on is open as well as
   setting up a SQL*Net/Net8 Proxy, such as Net8 Connection Manager, if none
   is provided by the Firewall vendor.
   The reason is that, even though the port is open, the TCP layer will
   REDIRECT the port to another port.
   This is due to Winsock2 workings under Microsoft.

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mosorioAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks.

A last question...

this problem can be related to some type of restrictions established (by the miami dba) on the account 2 ???

         account1 -----> dblink ------>  account2 ----> tables
            chile                                     miami                

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